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Project Euler
In July 2012 I started using Project Euler as a way to play with some technologies I don't know well.
Clojure is my favourite programming language at the moment.
Please mention who you are and how you know me if you would like to connect on Linkedin.

Professional Internets Maker Person

I am an experienced senior/lead developer with a background in internet/web operations and start-ups. Since 2010 I have been offering my expertise with open source technologies to clients (mainly in the digital agency sector) in London. My usual approach is the Python-Linux-AWS stack, and devops-style collective ownership.

My interests include monitoring systems, functional programming, human factors and theoretical models of SaaS.

I am available for consultancy and contracting, subject to my commitments to other clients. I will not be interested in permanent positions (in companies other than my own) - if you think I'm a good fit, engage me on a contract basis and we'll see.

Quick Bio 1

Steve is a Belfast born general-purpose hacker who learned HTML3 from printouts and began writing his first web apps in C. He's worked on automated planet-discovering robot telescopes, document classification systems & the mobile web and also did his stint as a sysadmin. A former serial startup junkie, he's now (mostly) rehabilitated and happily freelancing as a Django engineer in Cambridge, UK.

Quick Bio 2

Steve McConville was born in West Belfast and spent much of his childhood on the Canadian prairies. He became involved with Green Action Belfast while at university in 1998 and later with various incarnations of the long running Organise! group of anarchosyndicalists. He was also involved with Giro's cafe and infoshop, especially with the "Our Kitchen" network and Food Not Bombs. He is now living in Cambridge, teaching computers the virtues of autonomous cooperation and distributed consensus finding.

Partially Fictionalised Bio

Steve is a cyborg-pixie-hobbit hybrid from the popular manga series “Strawberry Space Frenzy” who broke through into what you earth-humans term the “Real World” in the late 20th century. Nightly scours he the heavens for signals hailing from the fabled planet-Z; for only there can pure Z-tronium can be obtained: that mystery matter that empowers Steve to crack the interdimensional security protocols and walk betwixt the worlds. Only then can he return home to Battlestation Speedberry.

In the meantime, Steve uses the unique abilites from each of his genetically spliced heritages to save lives, fight injustice and kick ass. His cyborg software gives him powerful insights into the psychology of everyday web servers and enables him to make his way as a “server whisperer”. The hobbit genes express themselves in a love of delicious food and drink, and his pixie nature basically obliges him to entice mortals into a dreamlike Otherworld for reasons most mysterious.

Operating out of a secret laboratory and recording studio in Cambridge, UK, Steve's adventures see him involved in increasingly complex side-plots, some with recurring characters.